Giving Back

At Patch World we're firmly committed to using this platform to help make a difference. Hopefully our humble patches can help reduce textile waste, but the sale of them contributes in more than one way:

New Trees Please

In collaboration with the amazing folks at Ecologi, we plant a tree for each DIY Costume Kit sold.

Follow our forest here.

Since founding Ecologi in early 2019, so far they have planted an astonishing 41.9 Million trees, and have helped reduce 1.8 Million Tonnes of CO2 for businesses and individuals.

It’s common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep the planet's temperatures from rising above 1.5C is through planting trees. They are also absolutely crucial in preventing an ecological collapse.

Ecologi collaborate with a range of amazing tree planting partners who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees a month. They have been helping to restore biodiversity in Bolivia, promoting Polylepis forests in the Andes and battling deforestation in Uganda.

We're really pleased to be able to work with them, and will soon be using their services to further offset our carbon footprint.

For The Children

Children are the future, clearly, and Patch World has been designed with their future in mind, to help promote curiosity, ignite their imaginations, and hopefully protect their planet.

With 3.9 Million children in the UK living in poverty, Action For Children are doing vital, amazing work to help children in devastating conditions have the best start in life.

In support, we are donating 1% from each DIY Costume Kit sold to Action For Children.

Action For Children protect and support young people and children by providing practical and emotional care and support. They run 512 services in local communities across the UK, in schools and online.

Since 1869 they have been working tirelessly to support children, and we're honoured to be able to contribute a little from each sale to their cause.