About us

Patch World is an endlessly customisable, sustainable solution to the dressing up box.

Through simple, gender-neutral patches to be sewn or ironed on, kids can transform existing clothes into an instant costume.

With simplicity at the heart of the design, we let the little-one's imagination do the talking.

Easy to remove and transfer to new pieces and accessories as children grow, or as their mind's change!

The DIY Costume Patch-Kits arrive on a thoughtfully-designed A5 activity booklet. Printed on recycled card with non-toxic, recyclable inks, the packaging acts as an ideal conversation starter about the questions of sustainability, curiosity and play.

The Patch World Manifesto

What if we could encourage curiosity, by helping to cure the planet?

The imagination is our greatest gift. Through play we can build whole worlds in our head. It doesn't take much. But those worlds don't need to harm the one we've already got.

Our planet is facing a crisis. And somehow along the way, our kids imaginations got wrapped up in the problem. With 64% of the 32 Billion garments produced each year ending up in landfill, the polyester costumes presented to our kids have not been kind to the planet.

And as we see it, not kind to our kids imaginations either.

So we're taking matters into our own hands, with a sustainable solution to the dressing-up box. And we're helping the kids call the shots.

Through simple, gender-neutral patches, kids can turn their dad’s old shirt into an explorers vest, those stained dungarees into a doctors uniform or their mum’s shrunk dress into a chef’s apron.

And when they decide they want to be an exploring chef-medic, simply shuffle the patches around to fit the brief.

No more polyester costumes with narrow-scope! With Patch World, no job is out of the question. We hope to close the loop on clothing-waste, by offering a fun solution to a big problem. How do you start to handle a crisis? Through play.

Big dreams. Low impact. Welcome to Patch World.

Who are we?

We are parents of two small kids with big dreams and wild imaginations. Their curiosity and sense of wonder is the engine-room of Patch World. Hopefully we can return the favour.

A new project from Rachel Walker of Little Beacon, Patch World hopes to innovate in an area of the kid's wardrobe that has yet to catch up with sustainable fashion: the dressing up box!

Paying It Forward.

  • In collaboration with Ecologi, We plant 1 tree for each kit sold. You can follow our forest here.
  • We also donate 1% from each kit sold to charity. Please see who the beneficiary for the current collection is here.

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